Venue for Sessions

The plenary meetings will be held in the Main Hall of Vigyan Bhawan.

The five Working Group Parallel Sessions would meet in the following Halls, within Vigyan Bhawan:


Working Group and the Lead Country

Sub-themes for the Working Groups

Meetings in line with the main Conference theme of `Emerging Urban Forms – Policy responses and Governance Structure in the context of the New Urban Agenda’


I.       Urban and Rural Planning and Management (Lead country - Republic of India)

Integrated Planning, Management and Governance Structure Imperatives 

Hall No. 2
(I - Floor)

II.      Upgrading of Slums and Informal Settlements (Lead country - Islamic Republic of Iran)

Un-organised Growth in Peripheral Areas and Slum Upgradation Aspects

Hall No. 6
(II - Floor)

III.    Delivery of  Basic Services (Jointly led by the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Republic of Maldives)

Ensuring Basic Services including Mobility for Integrated Development

Hall No. 4
(I - Floor)

IV.    Financing  Sustainable Housing (Lead country - Republic of Korea)

Ensuring Access to Housing and Housing Finance in the Urban - Rural Continuum

Hall No. 5
(II - Floor)

V.      Urban Development with reference to Natural and Climate Change related Disasters (Lead country - Republic of Indonesia)

Ensuring Sustainable and Natural Disaster Resilient Urban Development including Climate Change

Hall No.1
(Ground - Floor)

Additional details would be elaborated in due course.