Mr Emani Kumar


 Mr Emani Kumar


ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, South Asia

Area of expertise

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, Sustainable Urban Development

Brief Profile of Speaker 

Emani Kumar is the Deputy Secretary General of ICLEI since 2013 and also the Executive Director of ICLEI South Asia since its founding in 2005. With degrees in Environmental Management, Environmental Planning and Civil Engineering, Emani has more than eighteen years of professional experience on issues related to climate change policy and planning, local governance, renewable energy and energy efficiency, social accountability, systems management and auditing.

Previously Mr. Kumar has worked with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and also with the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA). Apart from overseeing the organisation's strategic development, he also coordinates various multi-year & small scale projects and research work supported by various donor and UN agencies; State and National governments of India and Research Organizations. He also liaises for various projects like Promoting Low emission Urban Development Strategies in Emerging Economy Countries (Urban LEDS), SUNYA-Towards zero waste in South Asia and more.

In his role as ICLEI Deputy Secretary General, Emani Kumar works with all the offices in Asia-Pacific, to ensure cohesion in implementation of ICLEI’s agendas and spearhead advocacy activities in the region; he also supports the Secretary General in representing ICLEI at all international fora.

Working Group


Sub Theme

Ensuring Sustainable and Natural Disaster Resilient Urban Development including Climate Change

Duration of presentation

10 –15 minutes (including Q&A)

[Soft copy of presentation to be shared by 10th December 2016]

Topic/ Title

Urban Resilience in Asian Cities

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