Shruti Savio Gonsalves



Shruti Savio Gonsalves


SEWA GrihRin Ltd

Area of expertise

Project Finance, Microfinance and Capacity Building, Fund raising-mobilization and management, Financial Project Designing and developing strong networks across the industry.

Brief Profile of Speaker (incl photograph)


Shruti Savio Gonsalves is Chief Executive Officer of SEWA GrihRin Ltd


*Bachelor of Science in Electronics from South Gujarat University in the year 1990

*L.L.B from Gujarat University in the year 1993

*Master in Business administration with specialization in marketing and finance from B K School of Management, Gujarat University in May 1997



  •  21+  years  of  experience  in  project  finance,  capacity building,  monitoring  and Evaluation and operations management.
  • In-depth  knowledge and experience of establishing Housing Finance Company (HFC) and  various  legal  entities Society/Trust,  Non-Banking  Finance  Company  and  For   Profit  Company in PSU sector;  thorough knowledge of their legal compliances
  • Extensive experience in working with Government and Non-government agencies in the field of Rural Development  through Institution Building, promotion of livelihoods      as a human resource and capacity building resource personnel
  • Support  Partner  Organizations  across  India  to  establish  team  of  professionals  at various  levels  for  their  operations,  identifying  their  training  needs,  and  design capacity building inputs through focused technical assistance for both operations and Strategic Business Plans.
  • Equity raise, Fund Mobilization & Fund Management,Financial Product Designing & Launching of Insurance Products, DevelopingNetwork & Liaisons with Financial Institutions, etc. Develop and implement Organizational Human Resource policies.
  • Project    Identification,    Evaluation    &    Monitoring,    Financial    Appraisal,    Credit, Management & Recovery Coordination.
  • Strong team orientation with proven abilities to lead the team, generating ideas and motivating people to meet deadlines.

Working Group

WG IV:Financing Sustainable Housing

Sub Theme


Duration of presentation

10 minutes (including Q&A)

[Soft copy of presentation maximum of 5 slides to be shared by 10th December 2016]- we will share it shortly

Topic/ Title

Access to Housing Finance in the Urban Continuum of India

Coverage of presentation

A brief about the presentation coverage, its contents / focus in about say 250 words..

A note for the presentation on how SGRL plays a key role in ensuring the access to Housing Finance in the Urban Continuum of India. The presentation would be part of the core team of IV) Working Group

-Financing Sustainable Housing-

SEWA GrihRin Limited (SGRL) is registered as a housing finance company under the National Housing Bank Act, 1987. It was set up to extend housing finance to marginalized groups, in particular to women in the informal sector.  The need for such a company was felt because 80% of the housing gap in India is in the informal sector, and existing financial institutions are finding it difficult to extend to this sector.

One of the main reasons for the gap in housing finance for the poor, is that they have both informal incomes and informally titled properties. Informal incomes can be from self-employment or from waged jobs where they do not have salary certificates. Informal titles often apply to properties that may be secure, but for which do not have the documents appropriate to be called a proper mortgage.

The SEWA family is uniquely placed to fill this gap. Formed over 40 years ago, SEWA is committed to reaching poor women and bringing them in the main stream. Along with it’s social objective, SEWA family has decades of experience with financial inclusion through SEWA Bank, a women’s bank regulated by RBI, and experience on housing needs and solutions through Mahila Housing SEWA Trust. Hence SEWA GrihRin Limited was formed with the objective of reaching housing finance to poor women and their families in the informal sector and thereby help them create a tangible asset in their name as well as to have decent housing.

Ms. Shruti Gonsalves, CEO. SEWA GrihRin Ltd, shall focus her discussion to the following points below. The presentation shall stretch to maximum 15 minutes.

1.     A brief intro to SEWA GrihRin Ltd and its mother institution.

2.     Present Housing Market scenario and the Housing gap for the informal sector in India.

3.     Global Affordability Index and South Asia perspective.

4.     SGRL Operations and out reach

5.     Our challenge in developing and providing loans to families engaged in informal sector trade. Which will be followed by real case studies across India that SGRL has come across and justification of providing loan to the same families.  

6.     Share information on property documents that are available with the borrowers of informal titles.

7.     Our approach to creating securities equivalent to mortgage. How we enable to create securitization against the available documents by overlapping the documents with the Legal Risk Matrix of SGRL- designed and developed by the in-house team of professionals seasoned to work with the given customer base.

8.     Explain the approach process by SGRL to secure the risk factors and compliance in delivering the loans to the end beneficiary. This captures Legal, Technical Risk analysis, client income proofs verification, intention and willing to take the loan and other third party verifications for assessing the client profile.

SEWA GrihRin Ltd. treats the property documents from a legal perspective which augments the chances of the borrowers to take it a notch upwards towards formalization process. The Company, does not lend to areas which are illegal, it provides loans only in those localities which are regularized/authorized colonies where above legal tenants are applicable.