Dr. Neelima Risbud


 Dr. Neelima Risbud


 Professor of Housing, School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi

Area of expertise

 Slum Improvement Policies and Projects

Brief Profile of Speaker (incl recent photograph)

 Dr. Neelima Risbud is an Architect Town Planner with specialisation in Housing. She has been involved in teaching Post Graduate courses in Planning and Housing for over 35 years at School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi and held important positions of Head of the Department of Housing and Dean of Studies.  Besides teaching , Prof. Risbud has been involved in research and consultancy in the area of housing for the poor and Housing project formulation. She has been member of various committees of Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation and Coordinated National Resource Centre of the Ministry at SPA.


Working Group

 Working Group II

Sub Theme

WG II: Un-organised growth in Peripheral Areas and Slum Upgradation Aspects

Duration of presentation

10 –15 minutes (including Q&A)

[Soft copy of presentation to be shared by 10th December 2016]

Topic/ Title

 challenges of slum upgradation Issues of Policy and Implementation

Coverage of presentation