Theme of the conference

Emerging Urban Forms - Policy Responses and Governance Structure in the context of the New Urban Agenda

The Asia Pacific region is experiencing a rapid urbanization process. The cities are expanding fast in their peripheries leading to a situation of un-organised and unplanned development in the peripheral areas. Further, the transport corridors attract activities all-along and thereby leading to linear spatial corridor developments radiating from the cities. Such developments beyond the city boundaries are administered and planned by alternate authorities. Towards ensuring sustainable development, it is necessary to develop the city and the periphery in an integrated manner. The principles of rural-urban continuum need to be applied for integrated development and to strengthen the complementarity of the city and its peripheral region for mutual advantage. 

Keeping in view the relevance and importance of the issue for the entire Asia Pacific region, the 6th Asia Pacific Conference on Housing and Urban Development scheduled to be held in New Delhi during 14th – 16th December, 2016 would focus on the policy responses to new forms of urbanization such as urbanization beyond municipal boundaries, urban corridors etc., and what kind of governance structure should be in place for these new urban forms to promote integrated and comprehensive development. The main theme of the conference is ‘Emerging Urban Forms – Policy Responses and Governance Structure in the context of the New Urban Agenda’. 

To have a focus on developmental issues under a structured broader framework, APMCHUD has constituted 5 Working Groups on critical themes, which are led by member countries voluntarily. Under the overall ambit of the 6th Conference theme, each of the Working Groups would focus on sub- themes relevant to the current Conference theme. The details of the Working Groups, Lead Countries, and the sub- themes for detailed deliberations during the 6th Conference are indicated below:

6th APMCHUD in New Delhi
“Emerging Urban Forms- Policy Responses and Governance Structure in the context of the New Urban Agenda”

Working Group, Main theme and the Lead Country

Sub-themes for the working Groups, in line with the theme of 6th Conference

I) Urban and Rural Planning and Management (Lead country - Republic of India)

Integrated Planning, Management and Governance Structure Imperatives

II) Upgrading of Slums and Informal Settlements (Lead country – Islamic Republic of Iran)

Un-organised Growth in Peripheral Areas and Slum Upgradation Aspects

III) Delivery of Basic services (Jointly led by Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and Republic of Maldives)

Ensuring Basic Services including Mobility for Integrated Development

IV) Financing Sustainable Housing (Lead country - Republic of Korea)

Ensuring Access to Housing and Housing Finance in the Urban-Rural Continuum

V) Urban Development with reference to Natural and Climate Change related Disasters
(Lead country - Republic of Indonesia)

Ensuring Sustainable and Natural Disaster Resilient Urban Development including Climate Change


The Conference would extensively deliberate on the aspects relating to identified theme of the conference and discuss the approaches to address the emerging issues in the Asia Pacific region. Experience and experiments of countries of Asia Pacific region would be shared to enable a larger understanding of issues involved towards promoting integrated and comprehensive development of the cities and their regions.